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As you know....Marketing to Social Media Sites like FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram is Exploding around the globe. If your company wants to tap into an expanding Marketplace, you should definitely consider using TopCopy"s Social Media Marketing Platform.

I don't think you're going to be disappointed. All Social Media traffic to your website is all VERY TRACKABLE by Google Analytics. And of course, we Guarantee Delivery. Thanks for stopping by my department. Pricing and more information below. Have a great day!

Social Media Marketing Basics:

**One of the Best parts of Social Media Marketing is that when someone on a Social Media site likes and enjoys something they are reading or looking at....they have the opportunity to forward that interest or "Like" onto someone else.

**And if that interest is YOUR Website or Product it will probably be "liked" by a vast number of people, especially if they are grouped by a common business interest.

So Topcopy's Social Media Marketing platform is Simple to'll be telling us what Business Target area you have an interest in Marketing to.....and your website URL.

That's IT!

And TopCopy takes it from there.

The Social Media individual will see Your Website Homepage when they click on the Social Media link we send them.

And as mentioned above by Roxanne.....

All of the visitors to your website will be trackable by Google we  Guarantee Delivery  of the Social Medial Traffic you Order.

Social Media Pricing.

1,000 Social Media Visitors: $12.95

2,000 Social  Media Visitors: $19.95

5,000 Social Media Visitors: $49.95

10,000 Social Media Visitors: $79.95

**Guaranteed Social Media Click-thru to your Website.

*Typical daily delivery set-up for 7 to 14 days

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