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I'm always somewhat AMAZED at how many companies
put this E-mail Marketing task
on the back burner of things to do.
Bad Idea!

  E-mail is POWERFUL!

Are you sitting down!

The current USA Return-on-Investment (ROI) on a year-long,
 Professionally presented
and Consistent  E-mail marketing campaign.....are you ready for this
number.....$41.75 back to you
for every $1 dollar you invest in E-mail marketing.

Here is the Pricing for TopCopy's E-mail Marketing:

25,000 Email Solo Ads: $39
(3% click-thru guarantee!)

50,000 Email Solo Ads: $59
(We handle the mailing!! + at least 1,500 visitors to your website...guaranteed!

100,000 Email Solo Ads: $89
(100k of Solo Emails.....brings at least 3,000 click-thru's to your website!)

**Solo Ad E-mail Campaigns are SPREAD OUT over 7 to 10 days,

depending on Volume of E-mail give you the CONSISTENT marketing campaign coverage you need.**
(Don't forget....we even write the Email for you...!)

**Again....All our Solo Ad Email is triple opt-in email....
Consumers who have given their permission to see
Compelling business offers and services like

HI...Brad here.....thanks for checking out Email Marketing with TopCopy.  I think you'll like it.

Daily Delivery.  You can Target up to 3 Business categories.  All recipients are Triple never any Spam.

We even write the Email for you. Send you a Draft...of course....and then get the Amount of Email  you Ordered delivered....typically over 7 to 10 days.

All with GUARANTEED 3% Click-thru to your website!