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**Daily Bulk E-MAIL Service 
**Daily Alexa
TRAFFIC to your Website Homepage
Craigslist AD Posting for your Business!
**Business Leads and Website BackLinks
Copywriting for Your website or an upcoming Ad project
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** Advertising Campaigns...3 months to 12 month Sales Pulling Campaigns
**Yes, even a Business Funding network
to give your company the financial power it may need for
Business Expansion.

TopCopy services start with the simple premise:
All businesses need DAILY Consistent online Traffic to their Websites.
And that Daily Traffic brings you more
Email captures, Better Google Search Ranking,
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**Every business has unique Opportunities
in their business niche!
As a business owner or manager you have
plenty of things you feel you probably need to do
to be successful.........

Is this Idea one of them.....
How about 20,000 Email Solo Ads
w/a Guaranteed 3% Click-thru rate...delivered this week?


"Sometimes you just get lucky. I was online surfing late one night and came upon
TopCopy's Marketing site.
I'm on the East Coast and it was like 11pm.

 But TopCopy said late nite calls were I did.....I can't believe they answered their phone that late.We talked for almost 1/2 hr on various business marketing ideas I had been kicking around.

It was great. Like a breathe of fresh air. I ended up doing some direct mail marketing, which TopCopy provided, to get my new jewelry business off the ground. It was very cost-effective marketing for my business. Our phones started ringing. We were in business"......Connie J, Virginia.


 and we want to be your online marketing Agent.

  We handle marketing and promotion for
both individuals and businesses
all over North America.

All types of businesses......All types of budgets.

We give you something the big Marketing Firms can't
 give you...LOTS of High Value
Marketing attention...that you Can afford,

All Working for YOU and your Business!


Remember the Ol' business adage:
If the phones not're Not in business.

Don't EVER let that happen!
Give us a Call with a quick Marketing question: 888-855-1767


"We especially liked the Business Email and Business Leads TopCopy provided. Wow, they WERE very Fresh Leads and we paid under half of what we were paying at other online marketing sites. Great Value with TopCopy......and they answer their phone and call you back!"...
Amanda G, Seattle, Wa.

Nationwide Sales help is at hand.
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